• Super Greens – 270g Super Food Green Juice Organic Blend – Fruit and Vegetable Powder Supplement w/Probiotics – Non-GMO…

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    SUPER GREENS SUPERFOOD POWDER for WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION: Moms know best. And moms have always been telling us to eat our vegetables. But the truth is, eating green food is not something that everyone enjoys. The Amplicell Super Greens organic drink mix is the easiest & most delicious way to get all the essential nutrients your body needs as if you’re really eating your daily greens. This revitalizing & alkalizing super food blend makes sure that all the good stuff are easily absorbed by the body
    NUTRIENT-RICH ORGANIC GREENS with a DELICIOUS FRUITY TASTE: Been wanting to go on that veggie juice cleanse or plant based diet, but you just can’t seem to enjoy it? The all-natural green superfood powder supplement from Amplicell is proof that nutritious can be delicious. This superfood powder organic mix is specially made with pineapple, raspberry, apple pectin & carrot powder to make sure it’s a healthy veggie drink mix that you can truly enjoy and even crave for daily
    ENERGY, VITALITY & TOTAL WELLNESS from this SUPER GREEN POWDER SUPPLEMENT: This super nutrition powder is not your ordinary alfalfa, spinach, barley grass or wheatgrass powder drink. With our green super food powder supplement, you get all the essential nutrients from over 20 fruits, veggies & other organic food sources. Fortify your diet with the Amplicell Natural Super Greens organic supplement powder to naturally support immune health, boost energy levels, promote healthy digestion and more