• Anti Aging Face Cream for Men – 4 Oz Facial Moisturizer – Manufactured in the USA – Younger Looking Wrinkle Free Skin…

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    ✔ FATHERS DAY GIFT – STOP THE CLOCK, ANTI AGING MENS FACE CREAM THAT WORKS, SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES: Unique masculine smelling blend of natural ingredients that gently exfoliate the skin removing dead cells and cleansing whilst deeply moisturzing throughout the day and into the night! The organic Aloe acts as a healing ingredient soothing inflamed reddish areas while the Olive Oil based Squalane protect the skin from free radical that cause aging.
    ✔ RESTORES FIRMNESS AND HYDRATION GIVING MEN YOUNGER NON GREASY LOOKING SKIN: Dry greasy skin that leaves you agitated and frustrated, sound familiar? This potent, effective Face Moisturizer include Glycolic acid, the holy grail for exfoliation. Allowing the top layer of your skin to be gently brushed away creating a protective layer that energizes and soothes troublesome areas around the face and neck. Considered an Anti Wrinkle Cream, It can reduce fine lines and dark patches used regularly.
    ✔ TIRED OF DRY IRRITABLE SKIN THROUGHOUT YOUR BUSY DAY? Sensitive skin types have found great comfort in Stay Sharps anti aging face cream! Unlike other men’s moisturizer creams, this is concentrated to a level that allows for repair and effective damage control with only a small application needed morning and night! The anti aging cream soaks in gently to the pores alleviating that tight skin feeling and allowing you to get on with your day in comfort and confidence!