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    SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS. Natural Energy is part of the Greens First LEAN complete line of nutritional supplements formulated to support healthy weight loss and weight management.
    STIMULATES METABOLISM. This dietary supplement is formulated with ingredients that may stimulate thyroid action and increase the body’s metabolic rate. By stimulating Adenylate Cyclase and Cyclic AMP levels, Natural Energy may help regulate the body’s thermogenic response to food, increase the body’s metabolic rate and speed up the fat burning process.*
    KEY INGREDIENTS. Natural Energy contains the following key ingredients: L-Acetyl-Carnitine, to increase cellular energy and the body’s metabolic rate. Forskolin, to assist in the release and transport of fats, allowing them to be burned as fuel without affecting lean muscle mass. Dexpanthenol (B-5), a co-enzyme essential for the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates. DHEA, which supports healthy adrenal glands and hormone functions and also modulates inflammation, a responsible factor in many