• Ear Wash Basin- Wax Removal Basin.Compatible with All Types of Ear Wash Systems.(Blue) Rx (TM) Ear Wash Systems (Blue)

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    COMFORTABLY CONFORMS TO ANY SIZE EAR – The ear wash basin is specially molded to fit under the patient ear and is a safe, comfortable and convenient powered or manual ear irrigation device basin
    CLEAN YOUR EARS WITHOUT THE MESS – JIESI’s ear irrigation basins are designed to catch excess solution, cerumen and excess waste during ear irrigating. Made with a lightweight, contoured design, the JIESI ear irrigation basin will effectively catch ear irrigation solution and prevent backsplash for minimal doctor/patient clean-up.
    EASY-TO-USE, LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE WITH A SEAMLESS ONE-PIECE DESIGN – Lightweight and easy-to-carry this convenient basin is great to take anywhere. Always have it handy and ready to go.