• Super Greens Plus Probiotics – Organic Blend – Wheatgrass – Barley – Moringa – Oatgrass – Alfalfa – Superfood Juice and…

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    SUPER LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE – LIMITED TIME! – Holistic Earth Supplements is committed to bringing you the highest quality supplements at the lowest prices possible. Because we don’t pay for advertising, YOU don’t pay for advertising. Instead we rely on reviews & word of mouth. We source our products from the same growers & suppliers as our competitors. Good nutrition should be affordable!
    THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – Why do we use a blend of whole powders AND juice powders? With Holistic Earth Essential Greens, you get the bioavailability of juice powders and the complete nutrition of whole powders. The juice powders in this blend are organically grown in the rich soils of an ancient sea bed in Utah’s West Desert, and dried using a proprietary drying process, which leaves the finished product raw and enzymatically alive. The whole powders are all USA farmed, 100% organic and raw.
    ORGANIC * NON GMO * GLUTEN FREE – Our product is certified organic through Oregon Tilth, gluten free and non-gmo.