• Lithium Premium Liquid Ionic Mineral Drops – Supports The Brain (100 Days at 500mcg per 10 Drops) 1.67fl oz. Easy to…

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    UNIQUELY FORMULATED – Professional Grade Naturally Organic Ionic Liquid Lithium. Specially formulated to maximize efficient use and rapid absorption in the body. Maintaining healthy brain function requires many nutrients Including Omega-3s Vitamins, Minerals, and so much more. Lithium is one of many key nutrients to support brain health.
    PERFORMANCE SPEAKS – Lithium in liquid form offers the flexibility of you adjusting your serving size. The bottle has recommended serving, but you can adjust to you body’s needs by adding more or less drops to water, juice or food.
    THE RIGHT CHOICE – Many people have anxiety over which supplement to buy. Allow us to bring clarity. We offer effective ingredients that works with your body. We have third party testing to confirm our products are pure and contains the right amount of Lithium in each serving.