• Vitadone, Powerful Multivitamin Supplement to Fight Fatigue, Promote Regularity, Help Reduce Sugar Cravings, and Support…

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    ASSISTS OPIOID ADDICTION RECOVERY: Many opioids can cause addictions. Such as heroin, hydrocodone, codeine, oxycodone, and other narcotic pain killers. Such addictions can be accompanied by side effects such as bowel irregularity, severe cramping, loss of appetite, sugar cravings, sweating, and others. Vitadone is designed to “break the blood barrier” exposing body organs to the array of vitamins and minerals, thus, enhancing normal body functions and providing energy and stamina.
    USE WITH METHADONE TREATMENTS: Vitadone is used by people who are on a methadone treatment program. Vitadone was created specifically for opiate addicted patients on methadone. It addresses side effects from the treatment of methadone like the regularity of bowel movements, sweating, sugar cravings, and fatigue.
    OTHER USES FOR MEN & WOMEN: While Vitadone was formulated to specifically combat the effects of methadone treatment, that’s not its only use. Any adult or teenager over the age of twelve would greatly benefit from taking Vitadone. It boosts overall energy and stamina, and it promotes immune system functions. Vitadone can also be used by people with Hepatitis C, many of whom are advised not to take iron for it contains no iron. It’s for seniors, adults, anyone desiring extra energy and stamina.