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  • beautyblender Blender Defender Protective Case for Your Makeup Sponge

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    PROTECTIVE CASE: BEAUTYBLENDERS BLENDER DEFENDER is a portable shatterproof case that makes storing or carrying your BEAUTYBLENDER much easier than before. Perfect for any woman on-the-go who wants her blender close by her side. This case is small and can fit in a bag while you travel.
    SHATTERPROOF: The BLENDER DEFENDER is a flexible, shatterproof silicone case made with a vented design that will help store or carry your blender. This case will help protect your sponge from grime and germs.
    HIGH QUALITY: BLENDER DEFENDERS are high quality cases that keep your BEAUTYBLENDER sponges safe and clean. Just like your precious phone case this defender does the job well! This DEFENDER is cruelty free and vegan.