• 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara and Eyeliner – Natural Waterproof Mascara for Lift, Length, and Volume, Thrive Mascara with…

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    Fiber Mascara For Lift, Length, & Curl – This mascara’s innovative wand is designed to separate, lift, and volumize lashes – like a professional blowout for your eyelashes. With just one coat of this fiber lash mascara, you can notice the difference immediately. If you want a more dramatic look, a few coats will do.
    Natural 4D Mascara Black – The 2 in 1 pack is a boon for you if you are looking for great eyelashes without any allergic reactions. The mascara and Eyeliner are made using hypoallergenic and natural materials, which is an advantage for those who use lenses and glasses.
    Waterproof & Long-lasting Eyelash Mascara – The thickening formula coats each and every lash with a lacquer-like finish giving you full, shiny lashes that last from dawn to dusk. On top of that, this fiber lash mascara is waterproof. It is going to last all day whether it is with tears, raining or sweat.