• Nested Naturals Super Kids | 100% USDA Organic Vegan Superfood Powder for Kids | 30 Servings of Greens, Veggies, Fruits…

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    FEEL GOOD INGREDIENTS | We selected a diverse mix of 12 different dehydrated fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich seeds and sprouts that taste great together. We don’t include anything weird or artificial. This kid superfood can be added to a smoothie or juice, mixed in yogurt or frozen popsicles.
    NATURAL FRUIT FLAVORING | Super Kids is made for kid bodies and kid tastebuds. Even though it’s packed with greens and vitamins, it has a slurp-worthy fruit medley flavor. Naturally sourced monk fruit extract gives a hint of sweetness without a blood sugar rush. We add naturally sourced fruit flavor essences to taste, but no sugar or anything artificial.
    MADE JUST FOR KIDS | Adult greens powder often includes ingredients that aren’t good for kid bodies, like spirulina, chlorella or probiotics which can be too potent for little bellies. We created Super Kids to help round out kid diets every day in a delicious way.