• (1 Year Supply) Vegan Iodine Drops by MaryRuth’s – Nascent Liquid Iodine Supplement Drops Solution – Pure, Clear Iodine…

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    POWERFUL LIQUID IODINE SUPPLEMENT – Your body doesn’t naturally produce iodine, so it is an essential part of any diet (vegans and vegetarians are at particular risk for iodine deficiency!).
    BE KIND TO YOUR THYROID – Iodine is especially important for thyroid health. The thyroid regulates hormone production, which in turn plays an important role in metabolism (weight management!), stimulating the immune system, and moderating the central nervous system.
    COMBAT IODINE DEFICIENCIES – Iodine deficiencies can lead to dry and brittle hair, skin, and nails, feeling fatigued and weak, and weight gain. MaryRuth’s Iodine Drops will help replenish these iodine deficiencies, helping you look and feel your best!