• Greens Superfood Powder with Probiotics: Boosts Energy & Detox. Delicious Tasting Antioxidant Super Foods Made with Real…

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    BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Taking probiotics and antioxidants daily helps your body better absorb the vitamins and nutrients you eat, boosting your body natural defenses. Our greens superfood with probiotics has 17.5 Billion live and active cultures to give your immune system a boost!
    MORE ENERGY: Keeping your blood sugar levels as steady as possible provides you with the energy and vitality your body needs. Taking INVIGA Green Superfood Powder daily supports your body with omegas and fiber rich foods to support a stable release of energy.
    IMPROVED DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Enjoy more regular and effective digestive functions by adding fiber rich superfoods with probiotics. Our reds superfoods is loaded with Chia Seeds and 17.5 Billion units of probiotics.